it's amazing how you can be in a really bad mood and a kind person smiling at you can cheer you up, no matter how much you don't want them to. and how quickly that weak smile can be taken away by a red-and-yellow car or by questions about it.

- story: got to know about the written maths test this week - hardly time to study for it - wanted to do a little something yesterday but had forgotten the Lichtblick Spieleabend, which I had promised to attend - went there today, failed - saw school "dead" with only a couple of dozen people babbling about maths - dad didn't answer when I called him back - saw an ASB car on the way home, maybe you were just about 10 feet away from me... - fuzzy waved at me from her car while she was passing by, and totally destroyed my depressed mood - mum and dad acted like they were so cheery and casual - made me repeat what I had seen (which I totally didn't want) and was like: "achsooo..." ... which hurt a lot. seeing that car almost made me cry and she acting like I was talking about something completely nonsignificant

and what is dad doing here anyway? asking with that voice of his, "willst du nicht wiederholen was Mama verpasst hat" - I could have cried at him.

what I thought yesterday: there's two things I use to do when need to do something when I'm depressed or down: cleaning up the kitchen, and phonetics. now there're people downstairs so being in the kitchen is not an option, but I'll start looking up phonetic transcription for another column of words and look for a transcribed text on the internet. I'm thinking about buying the phonetics book the other classes use, hoping that there's some transcribed text in it.
and my own room needs cleaning up, too, so maybe I'll start putting away some stuff while I try to memorize phonetic symbols.


@ Mr Schunk: no... it's the first phonetics class I attend, but to be honest, I'm really enjoying it.

(yesterday's away message:
did I mention I really really love Phonetics class? and especially phonetic transcription? as a matter of fact, I'm "quite good" at it *IN LOVE*)

5.12.09 13:31


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