who's fault is this?

to those who have read my last posts - you might know that I was pretty in love these last weeks (months?). I still was when I was lying in bed with a 39,23°C fever last sunday (2 days ago). little did I know that my "boyfriend" was in love, too - with someone else.

I called him (after he hadn't taken my sunday call or returned it later) yesterday, and he even called me back after he had to disrupt because he was driving. which, actually, put me in a good mood, because him calling back when he said he would can not exactly be taken for granted. so far so good. we talked about when we would meet - not very successfully, I must confess, but at least we arranged a time to speak on the phone again - and he said he wanted to talk to me; so did I and I thought we were on the same page here, and we hung up.

I had just taken back up the icq conversation with my best friend, which had been interrupted by his second call, when, just a couple of minutes later, I got an SMS. I opened it, and read that
he didn't have the heart to tell me this in person, but he fell in love this weekend, and head over ears, but he still liked me and we could stay friends.

... if you don't know what to say to that, that's okay. I didn't, either.

well, I had a talk with my mum the last hour and right now, I'm calm enough to think I might manage to fall asleep acceptably quick, so I'm gonna do this now and tell you the rest of the story some other time.

17.11.09 22:44


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