twice a day

aus dem Nachhinein betrachtet: gut, dass du mich hast ;-) du wirst doch vielleicht lieber von mir geweckt als von irgendwem, der dir befiehlt, in dein Auto zu springen und irgendwo einen Arzt aufzusammeln für eine NF-Fahrt ;-) außerdem warst du jetzt schon am richtigen Krankenhaus. Du wärst noch am anderen gewesen UND im "Halbschlaf" if it hadn't been for me ;-)

... (in itself, totally a great thing) first time: 10 minutes

second time: 2 minutes

this is getting worse... 

when I was just done typing my last post, he told me via SMS that he was done and back. aaaahhh (bist du sicher?) Gib mir ne VIERTELSTUNDE

well, crazy as I am, I left again (crazy for you! crazy about you!). took my jacket and my phone, got my shoes on without tieing them, got into the car and left. called him when I arrvied where he had asked me to come (the next hospital, this time), waited another 10-15 minutes, and then, finally, he came, looking for me to the other side, his (wonderful!) eyes found me, he parked the car, I went up to him, he opened the window, we kissed, talked about two sentences, heard the radio communication... he got an idea of what might be coming: "Wehe!"
seconds later, his phone rang. ... "Wir kommen" *seufz* - and he had to leave. again, so too soon... he had to. had to leave, had to do something, had go somewhere. a goodbye kiss while he is starting the engine, I tell him I'm gonna smash that thing, a short nodding and a distracted tortured smile, I have to jump back to keep my feet from being driven over, and that's it. he makes a face, realizing that he has to cross the yard again, hurries off into the wrong direction to turn the car and goes - passing me again - to pick up "his" doctor.
I see him waving at me slowly in the last moment, watch the car going onto the yard, where I can't watch it from where I'm standing - I run after it, and get another glimpse of it, passing the RTW, vanish out of sight around the corner in the dark. the last sign of him having been there - the gate, already closed again, still shaking slightly.

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