I'm undecided and not sure about what I want with my life, I don't really can get to work, I'm tired of stress and having lots of work to do and at the same time can't imagine doing anything different than I'm now - I want to enjoy the time while I know that it's almost over, I know that I have to decide what to do and at the same time I know that I can't make the decision right now

I have to write my text for the service next sunday, I have to read Romeo and Juliet again, I have to - finally - get my bedroom tidied up and cleaned, I have to get a haircut some day... but this already belongs into the list of things which do not have to be done right now or tomorrow. But the service has to be prepared and I've to wait for Mrs Schachtsiek making some sort of comment on my grade tomorrow which I do not want to hear in front of the whole class... I'm partly angry with myself because I got that stupid C in my Cambridge test... it's so typical for Hanna not to take English Leistungskurs, not really speaking English for weeks and then being better than me in the test, aswell as better than Elena and whoever it was who had a C aswell. And what was with Joana today - why was she so... sort of agressively, not friendly and calm, but waiting for someone to attack her so she could shoot back... I've got to speal to he tomorrow... and what about Hanna sometimes, when she's so unfriendly in the morning? I can't always be the one to stay calm and to say nothing when somebody else is in a crappy mood...!

and where is the Mittelfeld in our English class? why is everybody else so much better than me? 

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