I know I shouldn't, people have died from it.

but still - thinking about the swine flu, I have to grin xDDD

there just doesn't seem to be a very big danger, everyone I heard of that they had it, survived... and now you are vaccinated *g* which, as my new favorite online dictionary says, means "schutzgeimpft" in German. well, the meaning itself was clear, it's just the exact phrase -  I'd have called it "geschutzimpft"... I have to giggle when thinking about die Schweinegrippe :-DDD

maybe it's just because of your grin. when you told me you had your flu shot yesterday, you grinned a completely stunning smile, your eyes were blinking, knowing it was totally funny what you were talking about... you just looked so cute, kind of childlike, and I just hope that I'll never forget that impression on your face.

oh my, I really could look at you forever. seeing your face, the sleep not vanished from it completely, turn into a smile, your cute hair the length I love, and you wearing that white sweatshirt

I just can't stop smiling. I feel like I'm on drugs... I'm totally drunk at the thought of you!

the only thing I need is to spend time with you.

1.11.09 18:05


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